Drakon Forge

Creativity in steel, leather and wood.

Blacksmith and Bladesmith courses

We provide courses so more people can enjoy the wonderful art of creating in steel. Everything you need to know to get you started is covered.

Tools to get you started

Having the right tools makes a huge difference in how fast you learn and your frustration levels when you learn a new skill. For that reason we have started making anvils, forges, hammers and tongs, to get you going as fast as possible.

A community of smiths

People learn best when there is someone that can show them how to do something. We are building a community of likeminded people that love exploring and creating together. When you have taken one of our courses you are welcome to come and use the smithy when we have our communual smithy session. Hammering is more fun together!

Markets and Fairs

To increase awareness and provide some entertainment we do blacksmith displays at relevant markets and fairs. If you have never been to a Medieval Fayre you are missing out.

Commission work

We can create a wide range of blades, gates, bespoke hinges and other items that is unique, since no two hand forged items are ever exactly the same.

Historical European Martial Arts Equipment

For the lords and ladies that like swinging swords at each other we make tough carbon steel blades that can give and take a beating.