Introductory Welding Course 15th October


The aim of this course is to give the attendees the ability to create new and fun projects, whether they be artistic or for DIY purposes. This course is also geared to enable both young and old people alike, to be able to further a skill that can aid them in acquiring a job or just getting a bit more info in an unfamiliar trade.


Throughout the day you will be learning MMAW or Manual Metal Arc Welding, aka Arc welding, and learning to do it comfortably. At the end of the course there will be an opportunity to create your final product for the day, using all the skills that you learnt throughout the day. You will be going home with your final product, to use with your new skill.


Topics that will be covered:


·         Mainly the ARC welding system or MMAW (Manual Metal Arc Welding).


·         Touching on some extra info for other major welding systems, mainly MIG, TIG, and Gas


·         Different types of welding joints and their uses, as well as where they will be most applicable


·         The basics on how to start and end a good, sturdy weld


·         How to set up your machine, and all of its safety


·         Equipment needed i.e. rods, helmet, chipping hammer, PPE (personal protective equipment), and the type of machine that would be the best suited to your needs


·         Welding with different steel thicknesses and how to change your setup accordingly




The course will take place on a Friday starting at 8:30am at our course venue and takes 2 people.






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