"Excellent course, very valuable and practical!! Very fulfilling to go from a piece of steel cable to a fully functional, sharp and beautiful end product." - Leo Nel. 

"I LOVED gaining the skill of working with such a tough medium (as a woman), and being able to craft beauty from it. Ladies you have to do this with your man!" - Lulette Uys.

 "This course prepared me not only to set up my own forge but also the basic skills to make my own tools. The information was 100% practical and useful. After designing and making my first tool I now have the confidence to start out with this new hobby." - Chris Borodenko. 

"The course was fantastic! I loved the different techniques that was taught and the freedom to improvise to make my own item." - Gerhardus le Roux. 

"Thank you for the intermediate training I thoroughly enjoyed it. I leaned how to hammer properly and make tongs with more confidence. I now have a clearer picture of working and heat treating different steel types. I enjoyed hammering with "Thor the Viking hammer" I will soon have one of my own. Ill be back." - Roger Stone.