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Hammers for Sale

Blacksmith rounding hammers and flatters are now for sale, prices are:
1kg Rounding Hammer - R1500
1,5kg Rounding Hammer - R1650
2kg Rounding Hammer - R1750
Flatter - R1850
Please  contact us if you want other blacksmith hammers.

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Tongs for sale

Made from EN9 carbon steel these tongs will last a lifetime. These include wolf, box, farrier and hammer. R750 each.

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Blacksmith & Bladesmith Forges for sale

Blacksmith and bladesmith forges for sale. While there are some great bladesmith forges available on the market I find that they are too small when making bigger blacksmith pieces or bigger bladesmith pieces like axes etc. For that reason, we have developed what we believe is an excellent gas forge that is efficient, easy to maintain and versatile. The forge can go up to temperatures needed for forge welding and making damascus steel. The inside dimensions are 342mm deep by 154mm high and 230mm wide, this length can be extended using refractory bricks (also available). External dimensions are 394mm wide, 380mm high (950mm with burner) and 350mm deep. Costs are R4850 and include the burner and forge with extra bricks for manipulating the openings to exactly the size you need. Forge burners on their own are R2050.

A review from a customer, Rean Lubbe. "Having bought a forge to replace my postbox forge that was simply too small to fit any large or oddly shaped work in, I decided to try it out by forge-welding copper and Nickel together into a bar to make Mokume-Gane. It managed this beautifully. The primary thing that impressed me was the fact that I can put the piece I'm working on, on the floor of the forge inside it, I don't have to hold it with tongs until it's at temperature. And the fact that it can get to a serious heat in a short amount of time (just turn up the gas). I started at 7:30, having prepared the billet the night before, and finished at 8, in time to shower and be at work before 9. The fact that the forge can heat up and heat a piece of whatever I intend to forge in a short enough time (a few minutes) that I can actually do half an hour's worth of forging before I go to work in the morning has made it possible for me to enjoy my hobby in a way not possible before. I cannot over-state that the fact that it can bring metal to a heat fast enough, and does not require me to hold the metal (meaning I can prep everything else while it's in the forge) means I can do forging in half an hour, and ACTUALLY GET SOMETHING DONE in that half an hour. Being able to without hassle (it would otherwise be possible, but with hassle) do some forge-work before going to work really makes a big difference to my overall quality of life. I consider this an investment in my overall welfare, not just my workshop."

Leather Aprons

In order to save your clothes from the scale and grinding sparks, we now have lovely soft full leather aprons for sale. They are R1200 each. Also what you need to braai (BBQ) in style!

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