Courses are held at our smithy on the second and final Saturdays of each month. We try and give individual attention to each participant throughout the course. Therefore there is an experienced smith at each anvil to help and guide you to create your own work of art. Lunch (boerewors rolls) and safety equipment is provided. Our goal is to inspire people to take up this wonderful skill that is blacksmithing.

Viking Axe Forging Course

"Smi'da einn ox!" (Let's forge an axe!)

 Come and forge your own Viking Bearded Axe! We will use high carbon steel and some traditional methods to drift and forge these axes. We will also add handles so you can attack some trees with your awesome axe.
It is suggested that you first complete the beginner's course before attending this one as we will rely on some of the techniques we cover in the beginner's course. Time will also be spent on forging some viking runes into the blade, so come with some planned runes to personalise your axe. 
As always lunch is included plus a whole lot of fun.

Introduction to Blacksmithing

An introductory Blacksmithing course that covers. - equipment needed and how to make/source your own. - hammers and hammering, how to prepare and use them. - anvils, what to look for when buying or making your own, how to use the different parts of an anvil. - basic Blacksmithing methods like tapering, scrolls etc. Participants will design and forge their own steel item to take home (a selections of items can be forged like fire pokers, a steel knife, hook nails etc.). Vouchers are also available as gifts.

Intermediate Blacksmithing

Once you have mastered the basics of smithing this course covers either:
- forging your own blacksmith rounding hammer (stock provided) or
- forging your own wolf tongs - upsetting the steel, drifting holes and how to make and apply your own rivets (stock provided). 
After this course you will have you own tongs or rounding hammer to begin forging with, but more importantly the skill to make as many tools for yourself as you need. Vouchers are also available as gifts.

Knife Forging Course

To see the upcoming courses, click here. This course will cover the basics of forging your own knives. Topics taught will be: How to select the right steel for your intended knife, as not all steels are created equal. Knife design - full tang, narrow tang etc. Forging your knife - how do you hammer out your design. Heat treating your knife - normalizing, hardening and tempering. Grinding and sharpening - from grinding belts to leather strops. You will walk out with your own forged knife of your own design!